Gawk at the Mecca of Eurorack synths in this tasty video from London Modular

Located in the post-industrial surrounds of Hackney Wick, London Modular is one of the world’s smallest but best-stocked synth stores.

Founded by Simon Lynch and Phil Ventre in 2013, London Modular specialises in selling Eurorack gear, a format that allows musicians to mix and match synth modules to create their own unique instruments.

london modular synth sythesizers eurorack

Want to step inside the Mecca for Eurorack synth? Go behind the scenes in London Modular with an amazing clip from The Vinyl Factory.

The store supplies everyone from amateur hobbyists to professional artists, including Mumdance, Tessela, Russell Haswell and Thom Yorke. Lynch and Ventre even claim that Aphex Twin purchases synths from the store under a different name.

In this video from The Vinyl Factory, Lynch and Ventre explain the growing appeal of modular synthesis, as well as demonstrating some of the store’s most popular gear. They even show off their most prized possession, a Buchla once owned by Massive Attack.


This article originally appeared on FACT Mag.