7 Yugoslav new wave tracks destined to spice up your week: a playlist by Backyard Soccer

Looking for a way to break up the mundanity of the daily grind? Need a way to spice up your week/commute/playlist? Want to kick-start your mornings in a unique fashion?

Well then look no further because Backyard Soccer have developed a carefully curated list of seven songs from the countries that comprised Yugoslavia’s heyday of music in the 70s and 80s (known affectionately as ‘YU Rock’). You thought Yugoslavia was all about Ćevapi and war criminals? That’s not the case, as this playlist will show.

Hot off the release of their new album, Sydney three-piece Backyard Soccer have shared a playlist of hot YU-Rock bangers to get you through the week.

MONDAY: Jugoslovenka by Lepa Brena (Yugoslavian Woman by Beautiful Brena)

What better way to start the week then with the queen of Yugoslavia!

TUESDAY:  Ena by Haustor (Ena by Hallway

It’s too late, you’ve already started this playlist so you may as well keep going with the Balkans answer to Talking Heads.

WEDNESDAY: Hajdemo u Planine by Bijelo Dugme (Let’s Go to the Mountains by White Button)

Something to help you get over hump day.

THURSDAY: Pusti Pusti Modu by Zdravko Colic (Let go, Let go of trends by Zdravko Colic)


Don’t wait for Friday, start drinking on Thursday with this tune.

FRIDAY: Berlin by Bajaga i Instruktori (Berlin by Bajaga and the Instructors)

Named after a city known for its dreariness and nightlife, use this to help snap you out of the working week and into the weekend.

SATURDAY: Bojle Biti Pijan Nego Star by Plavi Orkestar (It’s better to be drunk than old by Blue Orchestra)

The name says it all.

SUNDAY: Absolutno Tvoj by Mirzino Jato (Yours Absolutely by Mirzino Jato)

Sundays weren’t made for disco but they sure as hell should be.

If you like what you’ve heard and like are interested in hearing a Sydney band that grew up listening to these tunes, check out Backyard Soccer’s latest album, Backyard Soccer 2, available on Bandcamp and all streaming services.