8 Acts to see at Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival

For most of us festivals are often a love hate relationship. I mean who are we kidding; long days on your feet, food prices are always through the roof, the guy in front of you refuses to wear a shirt even though his body odour is the only scent for miles. Let’s not forget those horrid clashes all over the daily timetable. Nevertheless the majority of us will most likely walk away with a positive experience.

After all it’s hard not to enjoy an event where you can see a handful of your favorite acts throughout the course of a single day, whilst additionally experiencing new artists along the way. However most importantly music festivals still remain a great way for all music lovers to unite together in support of art, and this is exactly what Queensland’s newest festival addition Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival has reserved in its vision.

Maroochy fest

Here are eight musicians and visual artists that undeniably deserve your full attention at the first annual Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival.

DZ Deathrays

Clearly the boys from Brisbane’s ARIA award winning and all round legends DZ Deathrays were bound to make their way onto this list, and rightfully so. Their colossal riffs and outrageously intense, high-energy shows will make for one hell of a good time. Oh and yes they will be on after dark so be sure to save your energy throughout the day, for there will be ‘no sleep’ during their set.


If you’re a fan of triple J radio you’ve mostly likely heard these cool cats blasted through the airwaves. Dishing out some classic punk hinged rock and roll reminiscent of other Aussie legends such as Wolfmother and even the boys from DZ. After my initial listen of their latest single Wisdom Teeth upon release, we’d genuinely expect nothing less than a stellar performance from this group.

Hiatus Kaiyote

Neo–soul, jazz, funk and R&B are just a few genres that can be used to describe Hiatus Kaiyote. However, the group said it best when they depicted themselves as Future-soul, wondercore, multi-dimensional, polyrhythmic gangsta-shit”. Now please, if that doesn’t scream next level shit I cant for the life of me grasp what will. Honestly these guys are superb and demonstrate an excellent artistic ability that must be seen to be believed.

Gang of Youths

Sydney’s own beloved four-piece Gang Of Youths will be gracing Maroochy bearing their powerful indie rock n roll. With their highly praised debut record The Positions just over a month behind us this may just be the perfect time to catch these guys in action doing what they do best. If you’ve never seen these guys in action before whether it be as a result of missed out tickets to their last tour or you genuinely haven’t got a clue who these lads are yet (hard to believe), I can’t recommend Gang Of Youths enough!


You really can’t deny the hype Sydney’s Australian Music Prize winning electronica duo Hermitude are receiving at the moment. Their blend of hip-hop production and electronica definitely hit a chord around Australia, with their latest EP Dark Night Sweet Light hitting #1 on the ARIA charts. Hermitude will be closing proceedings for the festival, and it’s sure to be a spectacle. Just you wait and see what this duo can pack into their production during live performances.

Bertie Blackman

Judging by the title, Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival obviously isn’t constricted to merely great music, however there are also a handful of tremendously talented visual artists. The first visual artist to make this list is of course Bertie Blackman, daughter too undoubtedly one of the most iconic Australian artists of all time Charles Blackman. Bertie has a unique technique of scratch and smudge ink/watercolors, which she has exhibited around Australia and New York; plus has recently, co-curated Sonic Canvases at the AGNSW. Make sure you spare a moment to bask in the magnificent visual aspects this festival has to offer.


Whilst at the festival please don’t be alarmed by any strange headwear on display, I assure that everything is in order. It comes without question that upon first sign you will most likely be gob-smacked by UK artist Wintercroft and his bizarre Masks. Since 2013 Winercroft and his wife have teamed up, designing and supplying unique masks to creative types and festivalgoers around the world. They’re theatrical, eco-friendly and simply stunning. So if you want to make a real statement at MMVAF pay attention to the ticketing process for more info on how to get your hands on a one of a kind Wintercroft mask for the festival.

Secret Headliner

Finally here we are at number eight. Maroochy Festival have of course left the best hidden from all their fans that are all impatiently dying to know just who is that Secret Headliner! Well it’s Australian, popping hard internationally, and promised to be HUGE! However why patiently wait for a reveal when we can speculate wildly, for all we know it could be…