8 Social Media Accounts That EVERYONE Should Be Following

On Saturday November 14, ‘Society Of Tastemakers & Elegant People’ (STEP) are set to curate The Digital Natives panel at Melbourne’s premiere annual music industry conference, Face The Music 2015. The focus of the conversation will be the multi-faceted relationship between music and the Internet, spanning sites, blogs and music criticism online to streaming, social media, content creation and branding in the digital space, with a collection of Melbourne’s most Internet-savvy music nerds including Lachlan Kanoniuk (Thump), Laura Semple (Semplesize), Kish Lal (Poncho / Stoney Roads), Maccy Corbett (Cool Accidents) and Lucy Dayman (Tone Deaf).

In anticipation of the conference we spoke to one of the panelists and founder of music and lifestyle blog SEMPLESIZE, Laura Semple who gives us her top 8 musicians you should follow on social media. According to Semple “For me a good social media account for an artist has to be real. No corporates handling their ‘handles’. It has to have personality and give you an insight into what they’re really like.”

8 social media accounts you have to follow

Know your Slumber from your Valencia? Laura Semple gives us her list of 8 artists whose Social Media Accounts you have to follow.

1. Gang Of Youths – Facebook

Gang Of Youths’ rich personalty exudes through their Facebook page! Sometimes their posts are pretty lengthy which is not something I would recommend as people attentions span on social media is short! But it’s definitely worth the ‘like’!

2. GRRL PAL – Instagram

Perth duo GRRL PAL are adorable. I want to pick them up and put them in my pocket! Their ‘sweet like candy’ personality is definitely portrayed in their images and they really let you have a sneak peak into their lives.

3. Halsey – Instagram

Halsey is a babe. One strong, independent bad ass beb. I mainly follow the US singer for #hairspiration. She changes her ‘do’ nearly as often as me and they’re always killer. She’s always keeping me on my toes!

4. HEALTH – Facebook

HEALTH are just REAL. Even though they’re pretty big now they still handle their own socials (no puppeteers here). They have a pretty dry sense of humour. It’s great.

5. JOY. – Twitter (@joymusicaus)

One word… SASS! Brisbane talent JOY. is a sassy, witty young lady that never ceases to make me LOLROFL or LMFAO when reading her tweets. See for yourself! 🙊

6. Montaigne – (@actualmontaigne)

I really dig Montainge’s twitter for similar reasons as JOY. She’s really witty. She’s also very wise for her age and has great views on feminism and philosophy.

7. The Stiffys – EVERYTHING

Facebook. Insta. YouTube. If you want to laugh… The Stiffy’s are your guys!!!!! They’re just HILARIOUS!

8. Tycho – Instagram

American electronic producer Tycho, aka Scott Hansen, takes the most BEAUTIFUL pictures! He also rarely uses filters, he’s quite the photographer! Following his Instagram makes me jealous of his lifestyle and his travels and not to mention his audio gear. I mean, check out this pic #synthporn.