8 songs that remind you of Boxing Day shenanigans

Not sure what to do for your post Xmas celebrations? Happy has got you covered with a list of traditions inspired by some of our favourite songs from the year. These slick tunes are fresh, they are riveting, and they will have you dancing or chilling for sure.

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Presents galore: Banoffee – Got It

Time to enjoy those presents you received and shout “I GOT IT!” . If you loved it, it would definitely be opened by now and probably by your side or in your hands as you read this, if you hated it you’re probably conspiring as to how you are going to regift it for someone’s birthday…hmmm who has a birthday in January, and would appreciate receiving ‘nothing‘? Who am I kidding someone please buy me any of these gifts – Japanese weird and wacky inventions are the best!

Got It by Melbourne’s alternative, RnB, electro pop singer-songwriter, Banoffee (aka Martha Brow) has this celebrated calm about it. This track channels her  sweet vocals against the backdrop of rocking syncopated beats, and futuristic synths and  samples. This song is actually a sad love song about accepting “I don’t think I know you at all,” – a song for the broken-hearted that you can selfishly enjoy this summer.

Beach babes: GOVS – Australian Summer

I don’t know about you but this Boxing Day seems like the perfect weather for the beach ( Sydney is expected to be 28 degrees and sunny. It’s meant to be). Breaking hearts wherever he may go, Gold Coast’s multi-instrumentalist/ producer, GOVS, tells us the reality of what it’s like to experience an Australian Summer, with the temperamental and intense climate paralleling the emotions of a summer love – visceral imagery of sun showers, tornadoes and ocean swells can be felt. GOVS breezy vocals, pulsating and warped synths, and passionate splashes of percussion, combine to create a euphoric atmosphere. GOVS is all about creating chill soundscapes that elevate you on a cloud of reverb heavy samples.

Time to deal with those crowds: Bluejuice – I’ll Go Crazy

This song is perfect for moshing in those packed shopping centres. If you don’t have the audacity to make a fool of yourself in public by dancing around, you might just go a little crazy waiting in those queues that always have the false pretence of being short – they continue round the corner, and around another, they never actually end. I’ll Go Crazy by Sydney’s indie-rock/funk/pop band Bluejuice will give you permission to dance your little heart out.

The chorus perfectly encapsulates what goes through my mind when being a people person is not a priority: “If I can’t get away, I’ll go crazy. If I can’t make you stay, I’ll go crazy. Don’t mistake me or make me lose my patience. I’ll go crazy on you.” Goodbye Bluejuice, thanks for the memories, the good times you brought us will be frozen in time, you’ll never be forgotten, this isn’t the end.

Road trips: High Highs – Ocean To City

Road trips on this public holiday are a great escape for you and your friends – simply Google map something and drive! Oh and don’t forget the snacks! Ocean to city, or city to ocean to country, whatever scene you’re are in need of, just go for it. Indie-pop duo from Sydney, High Highs, with Jack Milas (vocalist) and Oli Chang (electronics) take acoustic instrumentation and have put their digital spin on things to give you epic production. The title track, Ocean To City is full of starry ambience, especially launched by that down tempo and warm synth sequence.  Quite frankly their whole debut EP Ocean To City is ethereal, just take a listen.

Countdown to the new year: Tkay Maidza– Finish Them

It’s that time of the year where we suddenly realise “Shit I haven’t committed to any of my new year’s resolutions”.  Well this killer song from Adelaide’s hiphop/rapping wunderkind, Tkay Maidza, will be sure to set things straight as the ‘smack you in the face’ sense of command of Finish Them is brutal and catchy as. Produced by Bok Bok, the grit and youth of Tkay Maidza is really captured in this song, with heavy beats and layers of repetitive vocal lines to really hone in the authority this youngster deserves – plus the sound of guns should scare you.

Dancing up a storm: Ball Park Music – Trippin’ The Light Fantastic

And after engorging ourselves with food and what seemed like an endless supply of desserts,the only thing we can do now is to… dance! Feel good indie pop/rock five-piece from Brisbane, Ball Park Music and the second single off their album Puddinghead (2014), Trippin’ The Light Fantastic showcases one of the most passionate and commendable dance performances of the year – frontman Sam Cromack just goes for every move – I wish I could let go like that!

The opening lyrics of:  “I got my mojo back I don’t know where it went but now I feel good, I feel 100% and I am ready for whatever, leave on the pricetag, it’s just one night on the town,” is quick to set the danceable and “No matter how much shit I cop,  you can’t bring me down, because I am fuckin awesome” attitude characterised in the band’s sound – that being said it shines through in the most modest way. Any minute this free-spirited track, injected with woozy  synths, infectious hooks, and the jangly guitar lines launches waves of good times .

Feeling lazy? Why don’t you sleep on it: – Main Beach – Hypo Lazy

One of my favourite traditions on Boxing Day is sleeping in and just taking it easy. Main Beach will leave you in a state of nonchalance with their debut LP Hypo Lazy – a great sample of the raw surfy pop rock coming out of Sydney. Tracks you can chant along with as the effortless lead vocals slow things down for you. Don’t ever underestimate the power of hazy, garage production – it takes you back, for me this is metaphorically speakin since I was definitely not listening to garage rock in the 90s…

Who are you kidding, the party never ends: Northeast Party House – Any Given Weekend

The party must continue, contrary to what I just said, there is no time for being lazy! It’s one week until the new year! Busy earning, busy cleaning (if you believe spiritually starting afresh means having a clean house) and busy living life catching up with your homies.

Melbourne’s Northeast Party House  are known for the electrifying live shows, and creating dance music that is full of pop and rock hooks, and funky techno beats – amassing fans with ease. They master the harmony of chill instrumentation with upbeat bursts of energy throughout their music. Pretty much there should be a lot of dancing and good times from now and until forever.

Happy Holidays from Happy.