808s & Greatest Hits drop new single of pure psychedelic wonder

Melbourne psych-pop band 808s & Greatest Hits have dropped the first single from their upcoming album Cabin Vibes. 

The laid back psych journey is dripping with otherworldly ear candy and poetic lyricism that aren’t afraid to subtly seduce the listener into a euphoric reverie.

808s & Greatest Hits

808s & Greatest Hits subvert expectations in their latest single The Fear Remains. The tune is oozing with psychedelic bliss, as if you’re walking through a dreamlike kaleidoscope of butterflies.

808s & Greatest Hits is the recording project of Skube Burnell. Perhaps best described as psychedelic alt-pop influenced, in part, by bands like Broadcast, Television, Lô Borges, David Axelrod, Todd Rungren, Dungen and film scores like Alain Goraguer’s Fantastic Planet. Burnell is a fan of unconventional music and has a soft spot for long prog jams, so you can expect to find a verse and chorus somewhere along the ride as well as a few unexpected detours off the beaten path. Live, the band is filled out as a five piece consisting of Burnell, Maddie Felton, Jeff Bartels, Lochy Funston and Cameron Frew.

Their latest single, The Fear Remains, is a blissed out psychedelic journey that plays out like the lovechild of Tame Impala and Mac DeMarco. The accompanying clip is a collection of shaky handicam footage documenting a vacation to Hollywood. The twangy chorus drenched guitar lines drive the poetic reverie, harkening back to the revolutionary debut from Television. However, here Skube Burnell is making it his own.

Burnell has a unique effortlessness to his songwriting. Nothing feels overthought, or like Skube even had to try very hard, he just jumped in the studio and made magic. It’s an art to make a five minute song feel like three but The Fear Remains is one such song and hints at the hallucinatory rumination of things to come on their forthcoming debut album Cabin Vibes, recorded in various studios and houses over the span of a year. It was finished in a rented cabin over the course of a week – with the addition of the meta title track being written about finishing off the album.

Check out The Fear Remains below: