808s & Greatest Hits ooze with psych-rock sweetness on debut album

Melbourne psych-pop band 808s & Greatest Hits have been treating us to some sweet tracks and now we are getting ready to groove on to their incredible new album Cabin Vibes. 

The eight-track, warbly psych journey oozes with faux-retro vibes and astounding lyricism which are sure to pull you right in.

808s & Greatest Hits is the recording project of Skube Burnell and their debut album was recorded and finished in one week in a cabin.

The album was recorded in various studios and houses over the span of a year and finished in a rented cabin over the course of a week . Title Track Cabin Vibes, written last and about finishing the album, functions as a time machine, that takes you straight into the 1960’s with a sound reminiscent of The Doors classic Riders of the Storm. 

Money Man is a quick track, bursting to the seams with thoughtful lyricism, twangy guitar sounds and a bop-worthy beat, concluding with a swift and catchy guitar solo which is sure to get you moving.

Tidal Wave carries a sweet and beachy vibe, drenched in golden hues and fresh melodies. Female backing vocals and softly spoken words add a delicious texture to the track, letting you float away across the deep blue sea. Tidal Wave then creates a big splash with a change in pace and volume throughout the guitar solo and during the songs final moments.

Lord Knows Best starts with a sound well-suited to a slow dancing before it slowly transcends into a total psychedelic bliss-out. The track really boasts Burnell’s vocal abilities, as well as his unique sense of poetic sensibility. Thoughtful lyrics combined with a perfect psychedelic soundscape creates a multisensory experience of the surrounding world, a feeling that not many other musical genres can achieve with such ease. 

Jealousy $trikes, sounds like a little bit of magic, taking many twists and turns over the course of almost 6 minutes. It is almost as though Burnell is taking us on a walk through his mind, letting us peer into its many corners and deep crevices, but not letting us stay anywhere for too long. Close your eyes and this track not only becomes a treat for your ears but a visually artistic experience, as you see and feel Burnell’s mind come to life.

Gloomin’ is another recipe which contains all the ingredients that constitute psychedelia’s distinctive sonic waves. Classic distorted guitar sounds, an extended solo and tandem rhythm floats through interludes, setting listeners up for a state of true beatification.

The Fear Remains, plays out like a hybrid of Tame Impala and Mac DeMarco, displaying the effortlessness of Burnell’s songwriting as well as his ability to combine esoteric lyrics with a nostalgic sound. The trebly and jangly tones we know and love carry throughout the five-minute track and make us wish we could float around forever.

Closing track Public Scrutiny is another adventurous composition. The long and buoyant tune hits you in all the sweet spots, a perfect end to an album which functions as a journey of pure psychedelic delight.

It’s clear that 808s & The Greatest Hits are keen on unconventional music and are good at making it themselves. Be sure to check out the sweet retro sound of Cabin Vibes and dive headfirst into your own state of euphoric psych-paradise.