80s synths, Italian grooves and sweeping vocals: Gauci have the perfect recipe for a ripe disco feast

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The portrait of Gauci is emerging from the ether and developing before our eyes, gifting us with a beauty that’s hard to come by. If italo-disco is a term you’re not familiar with, then strap in – this enigmatic sonic world isn’t one for the faint hearted.

Their 80s inspired genre is as recognisable as it is undefinable, but oh boy, do we love it.

Photo by Juliette Sharp
Photo by Juliette Sharp

The charming nostalgia of American disco woven with euro-inspired synths creates Gauci’s spacey tunes. It’s a sound you want to live in.

With the trio’s project still in its early stages, Antonia and David Gauci along with Felix Lush have already set a high standard. Having released their debut single Hurry late last year, the supergroup, much to their surprise, have already garnered strong support within the Sydney scene.

The harrowing vocals, spell binding harmonies and epic synth backing of Hurry was slinky enough its place on Happy’s Top 100 songs of 2016.

Gauci claims the track means whatever the listener wants it to mean.

That’s the beauty of the human mind, it’s like a sponge, some humans have dry sponge brains, and others wet sponges. We write 80s inspired dance disco for the wet sponges of the world.”

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With ambition as raw as this behind the wheel, we were curious to know a little more about the group’s songwriting process.

“It usually starts with Felix writing demos and sending us a Facebook message saying “GUYS, WE’RE GONNA MAKE BIG BUCKSAMILLION OFF THIS NEW HIT!” 

The process flows onto rehearsal and studio time, where the song gets fleshed out until it becomes “literal fire.” Then comes the big reveal at a live set to “gauge its potential.”

With a flawless track record of live shows, Gauci followers are growing at an alarming rate. Last weekend, at the Bad Day Out #4, the band played a knockout show complete with new songs and a bigger sound.

Inspired by “spandex, power suits, chest hair and Windows95″, Gauci are reviving the era of having “hair as big as your heart”, and we can’t wait for their next sizzling single.