82-year-old man locked up following extremely loud Classic FM listening

If you were to read a headline stating someone had been sent to jail for playing music too loud, surely you’d picture a teenager at a house party playing techno at 6am.

Nope, think again. 82-year-old scouser Ian George Trainer has been arrested for playing Classic FM way too loud. ‘Classic FM too loud’ may seem like a ridiculous statement, but that’s exactly what happened.

We now jail pensioners for living their best life through music. If an 82-year-old wants to blast Classic FM, let them I say.

The court presumably asked Mr Trainer why he needed to play the music so loud, to which he had replied: “I like playing music at a level I enjoy”. He had mentioned that medication for a cold he had tended to irritate his ears when he wore headphones. So instead, it seemed more appropriate to blare Bach and Brahms through his home speaker system.

After his 24 week visit to jail, he has been ordered to keep his classical snafus below 65 dB, a range considered to be the peak of normal talking level. Trainer’s neighbour, a certainly crabby Thomas Michael Thompson, mentioned that noise pollution was an issue he had struggled with for many years.

At the conclusion of his time behind bars, Mr. Trainer will have to pay £722 fine as well as tone it down, a lot.