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9 Best Polyamorous Dating Apps Other Than Tinder

What’s the polyamory? In a word: expanding love’s horizons.

Polyamory is an approach to relationships that goes beyond traditional monogamy. It allows individuals to have multiple loving connections at the same time. People turn to polyamory to explore diverse forms of love and enjoy the freedom to love openly and authentically, challenging conventional relationship norms.

In a world where love refuses to be confined within the boundaries of tradition, polyamory is emerging as a beautiful tapestry of relationships. The desire for meaningful connections with multiple partners is finding its place in society, and technology is quick to respond. 

If you’re a fellow explorer in the realm of polyamorous relationships, you’ll be delighted to know that there are dating apps tailored just for you. Tinder added polyamorous options this year but many apps offer this option for years already. In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of 9 remarkable polyamorous dating apps that other than Tinder.



What’s life without a little adventure? 3Fun boldly steps into the spotlight as a leading dating app where open-minded individuals, including those exploring polyamory, come together. It’s like a canvas where you can paint your desires and connect with those who appreciate the art of diverse relationships.

It is used by a number of couples who seek for open partnership. If you follow some throuple influencers in Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok, you will see that many of them met each other by 3Fun.

Advantage: Targeting users looking for polyamorous relationship for 8 years.

Disadvantage: Free for basic features but not free for premium features.


ok cupid

Think of OkCupid as your friendly neighborhood matchmaker. It’s been a haven for inclusivity since forever, welcoming polyamorous individuals with open arms. This app doesn’t just stop at gender and orientation options; it dives deeper with compatibility-based matchmaking, making it your trusted wingman in the journey of polyamory.

Advantage: OkCupid boasts a vast user base with detailed profiles and compatibility-based matchmaking, increasing your chances of finding compatible partners.

Disadvantage: The extensive user base can also lead to a crowded inbox and potential frustration in managing multiple conversations.


SwingTowns isn’t your average dating website; it’s an entire universe dedicated to alternative lifestyles, including swinging and polyamory. Dive into a realm where you can explore various facets of non-monogamous relationships with ease.

Advantage: SwingTowns is a comprehensive platform for alternative lifestyles, offering a wide array of options and resources for those exploring polyamory or swinging.

Disadvantage: The website format may feel less user-friendly compared to mobile apps, and it might have a smaller user base in some regions.


JustBeWild is a daring and inclusive dating app that explores the wilder side of relationships, including polyamory. Dive into an uncharted realm where you can define your love life on your terms, embracing the beauty of non-monogamous connections.

Advantage: JustBeWild explores the wilder side of relationships, including polyamory, offering a unique and exciting dating experience.

Disadvantage: The app’s focus on casual encounters might not align with those seeking more serious or emotionally connected polyamorous relationships.



Taimi, an LGBTQ+ dating app, opens its arms wide to embrace all relationship styles, including polyamory. With features like video calls and vibrant community groups, it’s more than just an app; it’s a place to forge connections with open-minded souls.

Advantage: Taimi’s LGBTQ+ focus and community groups create a supportive environment for exploring various relationship styles, including polyamory.

Disadvantage: As a niche app, Taimi may have a smaller user base compared to mainstream dating apps.


If you’re looking for a place that truly understands the intricate dance of polyamory, PolyFinda is your stage. This app is an exclusive oasis for the polyamorous community, complete with features for event planning and a built-in community, giving you the perfect platform to connect on a deeper level.

Advantage: PolyFinda offers a dedicated space for the polyamorous community, with features for event planning and a built-in community for deeper connections.

Disadvantage: The app’s smaller user base may limit your potential matches, depending on your location.


#Open isn’t just a name; it’s a commitment to transparency in the world of non-monogamous dating. Tailored explicitly for non-monogamous individuals and couples, it carves a path for you to express your relationship preferences clearly and find like-minded partners.

Advantage: Open’s explicit focus on non-monogamous relationships ensures that you can express your preferences clearly and connect with compatible partners.

Disadvantage: It may not have as many users as mainstream dating apps, potentially limiting your pool of potential matches.


BeyondTwo is more than a dating app; it’s a digital sanctuary for polyamorous souls. This social networking platform offers a supportive community where you can find meaningful connections with kindred spirits who share your perspectives on relationships.

Advantage: Open’s explicit focus on non-monogamous relationships ensures that you can express your preferences clearly and connect with compatible partners.

Disadvantage: It may not have as many users as mainstream dating apps, potentially limiting your pool of potential matches.


While not a typical dating app, PolyMatchMaker deserves a spotlight. It’s like a virtual town square for the polyamorous and ethically non-monogamous, a place to connect, discuss, and plan meetups with fellow explorers.

Advantage: PolyMatchMaker serves as a virtual town square for the polyamorous community, facilitating discussions and meetups.

Disadvantage: Its format is more forum-like, so it may require more active engagement to find potential partners.


As society continues to evolve, so do our relationships. These 9 unique polyamorous dating apps are your guiding stars in the vast cosmos of love. 

Whether you’re just starting your polyamorous journey or have been navigating its intricate paths for years, you’ll find these apps to be your companions, helping you connect with kindred spirits who share your values and desires. 

Remember, in the world of polyamory, communication is key, so be open, be honest, and embrace the beauty of loving in abundance.