Trump’s free speech haven, Truth Social, bans account for speaking freely

The clumsy launch of Trump’s Truth Social app has already seen a violation of free speech as an account was banned and sued for speaking freely.

Donald Trump, after his infamous ex-communication from Twitter and Facebook, has worked tirelessly like a gremlin to establish his new social media platform, Truth Social, to continue his maniacal anti-truth legacy.

On Sunday night Trump Media launched the social media app Truth Social in Apple’s App Store. Despite a messy, bug-filled release, Truth Social topped Apple’s free apps chart with ease.

Photo by Chris Delmas

The app’s mission statement, “we are a social media platform that is free from political discrimination”, is a response to the conservative censorship that alt-right identifiers have claimed long before MAGA fanatics “democratically” stormed the Capitol building last year on January 6.

Ironically, Truth Social has already banned an account satirising company CEO Devin Nunes, who is a passionate Trump zealot. The account @DevinNunesCow, which belongs to web developer Matt Ortega, was banned from the platform, citing defamation against Nunes, who is subsequently pursuing a defamation lawsuit against Ortega (don’t worry, @DevinNunesCow is still on Twitter).

Deliciously, Nunes once co-sponsored a bill discouraging frivolous lawsuits yet he himself has a meaty history of suing people who aren’t nice to him online and in person.

The original parody account @DevinCow called Nunes a “treasonous cowpoke”, to which Nunes is suing for $250 million in restitution for his upset. The lawsuit was laughably unsuccessful and @DevinCow remains on Twitter.

The ongoing Devin Nunes Cow story highlights the bullshit-laced ethos of Trump’s MAGA fundamentalist movement, presented under the guise of the protection of free speech.

Echo chambers were the backbone of MAGA and QANON alike and Trump has clumsily attempted to amalgamate the fertile ground of his post-truth empire, once more ignoring the impact of hate, *ahem*, I mean, free speech, upon another person’s freedom to live peacefully.

To Devin Nunes and the Trump cultists, words do hurt, but so does baselessly claiming election fraud and very literally pissing on the face of the democratic process.

Big thanks to @DevinNunesCow.