PREMIERE: Forenzics and Washington take us down memory lane on 'Unlikely Friend'

PREMIERE: Forenzics and Washington take us down memory lane on ‘Unlikely Friend’

Forenzics and Washington feature in a time-capsule video clip for their jazzy collaborative number Unlikely Friend.

As a throwback to the early Split Enz repertoire, it’s appropriate that the film clip for Unlikely Friend, the third single from the Forezics album Shades and Echoes, is in black and white.

There’s an air of nostalgia and whimsy to it. A cheerful piano melody encourages a smile and chirpy woodwinds provide a groovy beat. Staccato strings pluck in the background. Keyboardist Eddie Rayner rocks out in sunnies. It’s all a trip down memory – one lined with roses and sunflowers. It’s like the in-cinema musical accompaniment to a ’30s black and white film.

“Funny how people meet, coming from odd places, miles apart”, Finn sings to kick off the track. “You and me, chalk and cheese, then unexpectedly things seem to start.

The music of Forenzics is a creative reimagining of Tim Finn and Eddie Rayner’s previous work as members of Split Enz.

Forenzics, which consists of Finn and Rayne, have collaborated with local swoonster Megan Washington for this track and music video. Washington gives the song an even smoother, jazzier edge.

forenzics tim finn unlikely friend

I’d worked with Megan before” Tim says.

We’d written a song together on my album The View is Worth The Climb and she’s toured with me as well. We just get on. She’s really talented, a great singer. I knew it had to be her.”

In an uplifting finale, clapping comes in. By this point, it’s impossible to stop your limbs from moving to the beat.

The song and accompanying music video slide smoothly into the mould of what music critic Simon Reynolds has described a “pop age gone loco for retro”. That is, from the 2000s, pop music has become addicted to its own past.

In some instances, this has led to artists adopting a narrow lens, painstakingly recreating the glamour of rock ’n’ roll in the ’70s or the anti-establishment attitude of punk in the ’80s. In other instances, it has resulted in the dynamic reimagining of past catalogues – an inspiring collision of past (Split Enz) and present (Washington). The music video for Unlikely Friend falls into the latter category.

Indeed, for friends we are thankful. For Forenzics and Megan Washington, we are also ever grateful.


The film clip for Unlikely Friend is out everywhere on February 25, 2022.

Download or purchase Forenzics’ album Shades and Echoes here.