Artist sculpts Donald Trump's face with over 2000 dildos

Artist sculpts Donald Trump’s face with over 2000 dildos

This Trump sculpture is made of over 2000 metal dildos and if that isn’t the definition of art imitating life, I don’t know what is.

Art is phenomenal. It can reveal so much about the world around us, allowing audiences a deeper insight into the artwork’s subject.

This is why Cleveland artist, Stephan Manka, has immortalised Donald Trump’s face as a dildo sculpture.


You read that right, there’s a massive dildo-faced Trump happily being displayed to the world. And not just ordinary dildos, but 2000 copper dildos of various shapes and sizes.

The artist, Manka, explained that the dildos are “vintage moulds, positives of the moulding process for creating dongs… I envision that these were on the assembly line, dipped into a mould, and then removed, and then other materials were cast to make solid dongs… They were dusty, some were gnarly looking, and they range from outrageous veiny bastards to more decorate ones.”

As Oscar Wilde said “life imitates art”. So, when asked about the sculpture’s possible audience reception, Manka said “I don’t know if Trump supporters will like it or whether it would change anyone’s mind… Maybe someone would look at it and think, ‘Yeah, this guy is a dick and I’m a dick for helping him win.'”

Manka has set up a Kickstarter page to raise money for its transportation around the US to follow Trump around his presidential campaign. He envisions “a truly huge portrait of Trump in a gilded frame, just as [Trump] would want it. Of course, a  closer look reveals that his face has been depicted with metal dongs and butt plugs.”

It seems like a truly hilarious, if not brilliant cause, and the sculpture is the perfect encapsulation of its subject.