Airbnb has banned parties around the world and it’s super lame

Airbnb has permanently banned parties and events at homes listed on the app after trailing the measure throughout COVID.

Airbnb set up a new rule that banned users from throwing parties or events in the homes they stayed in as a measure to reduce harm during the pandemic.

The company says the rule is sticking around since hosts enjoyed it so much with a statement from the San Francisco headquarters saying, it’s “much more than a public health measure”.

“It developed into a bedrock community policy to support our hosts and their neighbours,”

The firm also said the number of complaints about parties has dropped by 44%, which seems obvious since they haven’t been allowing parties.

Even though it feels like a bit of a bummer that you can no longer have a cheeky little shindig at your Airbnb, the app did already have some rules in place around parties. They started restricting in 2019 by banning “open-invite” parties and “chronic party houses”. 

That honestly seems fair, who wants to clean up after some random house party every weekend? That kind of service should be reserved for your nearest and dearest.

Airbnb said there may be room for exceptions to the rule for “specialty and traditional hospitality venues”.

Another rule that the app had in place over the pandemic was a 16-person limit to occupants of one listing to reduce the spread of COVID but that limit has now been removed.

The company said: “several types of larger homes are capable of comfortably and safely housing more than 16 people – from castles in Europe to vineyards in the US to large beachfront villas in the Caribbean”.

“Removing this cap is meant to allow those hosts to responsibly utilise the space in their homes while still complying with our ban on disruptive parties”.

Since the ‘no partying’ restrictions, more than 6,600 guests have been suspended from using the app for breaking the rules.

Sometimes people can’t stop themselves from getting the party started.