Greta Thunberg is headlining London Literature Festival with the launch of ‘The Climate Book’

Greta Thunberg is set to headline this year’s The Southbank Centre London Literature Festival, with a world-exclusive launch of The Climate Book (Allen Lane).

Returning for its 15th year, the London Literature Festival has an impressive line up. Greta Thunberg is in fine company alongside prestigious authors and rising literary talents of, Malorie Blackman, Abdulrazak Gurnah, Karl Ove Knausgård, George Saunders, YouTuber Adam B, Minnie Driver, and Graham Norton.

The festival’s headliner, Thunbergs, The Climate Book is slated for release in October. The publishers have promised its set to be a significant document, that offers up a global overview of how the planet’s many crises connect.

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Credit: JNews

With over 100 leading scientists and writers contributing, including author Margaret Atwood, Brazilian indigenous activist Sonia Guajajara, and Canadian journalist Naomi Klein, Thunberg shares her experiences of climate activism.

In particular, greenwashing — when organisations mislead their consumers by making them believe that a product, service they provide, or the organisation itself is environmentally friendly or sustainable when it isn’t— is an issue Thunberg feels the world has largely been kept in the dark about. She calls on this as being one of the biggest problems and highlights this also as a source of hope – because she believes, that once we are all given the full picture, we will be able to act.

I have decided to use my platform to create a book based on the current best available science – a book that covers the climate, ecological, and sustainability crises holistically,” Thunberg has said in a statement prior to the release.

Because the climate crisis is, of course, only a symptom of a much larger sustainability crisis. My hope is that this book might be some kind of go-to source for understanding these different, closely interconnected crises.”

Thunberg’s headlining event will also be live-streamed around the world for free.

The London Literature Festival is running from 20 – 30 October 2022.