A 22,000-year-old, perfectly preserved bear carcass has been found in Russia

Scientists from Russia’s North-Eastern Federal University have discovered a preserved bear carcass from the Ice Age, estimated to be at least 22,000 years old.

Normally, finding the bones of an ancient creature is something to get pretty excited about, but an intact carcass? That’s exceedingly rare. A warning: this is high-key disgusting, but also pretty fucking cool.

“It is completely preserved, with all internal organs in place including its nose. Previously only skulls and bones were found,” the University announced after melting the ice age bear from the Lyakhovsky Islands’ permafrost. Believe it or not, this might it even cooler than the human-sized penguin fossil that was found in New Zealand.

preserved Ice Age Bear carcass
Photo: North-Eastern Federal University, via AP

Of course, we wouldn’t have this unprecedented discovery and its impact without the efforts of two groups. Firstly, the reindeer herders who found the preserved bear carcass on Bolshoy Lyakhovsky Island. Secondly, the scientists at North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU) who worked tirelessly to unpacked the significance of this find.

An intact Ice Age bear carcass has never been found before, making this unearthing as memorable as it gets! Thanks to Russia’s chilly conditions, the permafrost was able to perfectly preserve the beast through the last 22,000 (approx.) years, despite the species going extinct 15,000 years ago. Truly incredible, but I’d rather check out the bones of a cave bear than their insides. Just a personal preference.

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