Watch this bear trying to carjack a Mercedes while the owners scream from afar

Watch this bear trying to carjack a Mercedes while the owners scream from afar

The footage you’re about to see will very clearly explain why this planet is way too good for humans. A baby bear was going about its business when it spotted a very nice silver Mercedes parked nearby and thought it would investigate.

Apparently, screaming works to fend off bears and thanks to this TikTok video, we now know this to be kind of true. We also know even more-so that loud screaming humans in the woods certainly confuses the hell out of bears.

Footage has surfaced on TikTok of a bear making its way over to investigate a Mercedes parked nearby, with owners realising they had not locked the vehicle.

Rest assured the filming occurred from the top of the hill, with a group of friends observing the event from afar.

“Are you sure you locked the door?” asked one woman before it became clear that they did not, and that it was too late for that.

“Hey! Don’t go back to the car!” one man shouted at the bear, revealing that this was not the first time the bear approached the car that day.

The bear very casually opens the door and the group start screaming – including a few incredibly high-pitched squeals that someone could potentially make a meme remix out of.

The video explains itself… watch below:

@madlyexploreWhen a bear climbs in your car 😂😂😂 ##bear ##inthehouseparty ##nature ##wescareditoff ##gay ##mercedes ##northcarolina ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage♬ original sound – madlyexplore

While the footage is absolutely hilarious, these people were lucky their method of screaming like maniacs got the bear’s attention and stopped the animal from causing damage. Let’s face it, if I heard those horrid sounds coming from nearby, I’d leave too.

Moral of the story? Lock your car. Oh, and maybe don’t park it so close to the open woods? That will make for one very confused bear.