A 5-track introduction to the anthemic blues of Fantastic Negrito

Fantastic Negrito is the moniker of American singer-songwriter Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz, whose unique brand of political blues-funk is making its way to Australia for Byron Bay Bluesfest plus a set of sideshows.

Fantastic Negrito is the third reincarnation for Dphrepaulezz, a self-taught musician hailing for San Francisco’s Bay Area. The artist’s first big break came in 2015 when he won a Tiny Desk concert competition at NPR, closely followed by a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album for The Last Days of Oakland in 2016.

To celebrate Fantastic Negrito’s journey Down Under, we’ve curated a list of five songs to familiarise yourself. Soon you too will be singing along.

Fantastic Negrito is bringing his unique brand of politically-motivated anthemic blues to Australia for this April. Time to do some homework.

Plastic Hamburgers

Plastic Hamburgers is Fantastic Negrito’s call-to-arms. Addiction, censorship, gun control and overconsumption fuel the track, which was released in 2018 as part of the artist’s sophomore album Please Don’t Be Dead. 

The sheer magnitude of the lyrics are almost concealed behind the track’s funk and pizzaz, but when you’re singing them hours later because they’re stuck in your head, you’ll realise they mean business.

Hump Thru The Winter

Hump Thru The Winter is a powerful piece of social commentary detailing the turbulence of America’s economic and social climate.

Fantastic Negrito channels vintage Lenny Kravitz in this track, which was released as part of the musician’s debut album The Last Days of Oakland in 2017.


The Duffler

Social and political commentary seems to be a recurrent motif in Fantastic Negrito’s music. The Duffler is no different; the song details the consequences of not appreciating something until it’s gone. The track is interpersonal and universal.

The Duffler was released as part of Fantastic Negrito’s Please Don’t Be Dead EP.

The Suit That Won’t Come Off

The Suit That Won’t Come Off is an elegy to the living. This sinister blues track criticises the white-collar capitalist consumption of the American bourgeoise; the lyrics “how do you sleep at night/when you’ve stolen everything you’ve had” can be read both idiosyncratically and universally.

Whilst all of Fantastic Negrito’s tracks have darker elements, the deep and brooding guitar lines of this track are particularly sombre.

Bullshit Anthem

“Take that bullshit, turn it into good shit” is a mantra for the masses. Bullshit Anthem tells listeners not to let anything get them down.

It’s funky and buzzing with style, a song perfect for the crowds to clap their hands to.


Catch Fantastic Negrito at Byron Bay Bluesfest or at his sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne.

14 April 2019 – 8 pm – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney – Tickets
15 April 2019 – 8ppm – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne – Tickets