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NuDrum is an online polyrhythmic and polymetric drum machine

NuDrum, from developer Nicola Bombaci, is an online drum machine, with sounds not unlike many others. What sets it apart, however, is that it gives you the ability to create organised chaos in the form of polyrhythmic and polymetric grooves.

It can be quite a challenge to break out of the rigid structures that are implicit in most groove boxes and step sequencers. Many experiments have been undertaken to get musicians to think outside the box, but the NuDrum offers up a way to recast electronic grooves, helping you to easily implement polyrhythms and get multiple time signatures going at the same time. Plus, it won’t cost you a dime.


Try out the free, online drum machine, Nudrum. It dishes up classic tones, plus you can create fresh polymetric and polyrhythmic beats with ease.

The interface will be familiar to anyone who has experienced an XOX style step sequencer (but even if you’re not, it’s easy to understand).

Clicking on the “Edit” button at the end of each instrument track opens the beat subdivisions -“beat” and the all-important “offset”. This control allows you to delete steps and created rhythms that slide out of sync with those on other tracks.

Try out NuDrum here.