A bigger dreamer than Leo DiCaprio, Yeo goes big on Ganbaru

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Melbourne offers so many things to us; world-class coffee, unbeatable Greek food and a weather forecast that makes you want to scream. The Paris of the Southernb Hemisphere has one more individual of note to its list of accomplishments; Yeo. With beats similar to that of Gambino and a voice that could pass for Ball Park Music’s Sam Cromack, Yeo’s latest LP Ganbaru has you immediately swaying your body in rhythm.


Yeo isn’t just a genre chameleon, he’s genre shape-shifter. Adopting many sounds, his new album Ganbaru is a domain where nothing is left to the imagination.

Ganbaru fuses pop with indie so seamlessly you may not be exactly sure how to categorise it. His catchy hooks melt in to a disarray of organised musical chaos that leave you wondering if that was the same song, or was it two that just changed over really quickly? (see Quiet Achiever for evidence). The LP houses nine tracks that all compliment each other but aren’t so repetitive that the album sounds like one big, long song. Yeo’s signature of Ganbaru could be that of the inclusion of spoken word and “unrehearsed” dialogue in his songs. It makes you feel like you’re in the studio with him, which would be hella fab, lets not pretend.

Yeo is so good at moulding himself to different genres you forget he’s actually pretty big on electronic music. That is until you get to Got No Game, when the distortion of synthesisers are implemented and video game type sound effects are thrown around. The chorus of this song is seriously amazing, I jive as I type. It’s one of those songs that when you get in the mood to sing; you have to sing it with passion, fire and strength. It makes you ball your hands up into fists and bob your head from side to side. Yeo knows how to string together a catchy chorus, and I’m pretty sure Got No Game already has my vote for number one in the hottest one hunnit 2016.

Promise/Secret taps in to blues roots, giving us soulful harmonies and guitar solos in the unmistakable pentatonic scale. Promise/Secret also shows of Yeo’s skill as a lyricist and vocalist, with witty lyrics and perfectly harmonised call and responses. Yeo is like liquid, he moulds himself to whatever genre he feels like making that day, and he does it well. It’s not like when you’ve got a rapper who then also tries to do a live cover of Bohemian Rhapsody or something (looking at you, Yeezy).

Yeo is launching the Ganbaru Tour at the World Bar in Sydney on Feb 26. He’ll be gallivanting around the whole country, so be sure to catch a show. If your boss doesn’t give you the night off, tell em to cool their jets, and if they don’t get that, make them listen to Jetcooler, and then they’ll be asking to come to the show with you. Ganbaru, Yeo’s latest LP, a gift bestowed upon us, check it out now.

February 26 – World Bar, Sydney
March 4 – Pirie Social Club, Adelaide w/ Tracy Chen, Hummingbird + Healthy Tapes DJs
March 10 – SCU Uni Bar, Lismore w/ Nocturnal Tapes + Pretty//Visitors
March 11 – The Foundry, Brisbane w/ MKO SUN + Sleepsea
March 12 – Sol Bar, Sunshine Coast w/ Quintessential Doll
March 18 – Settlers, Margaret River w/ Henry Kissinger
March 19 – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth w/ Leon Osborn, Jamyang + Sun City DJs
March 24 – Howler, Melbourne w/ Deja + Retro Culture
March 26 – Transit Bar, Canberra w/ Slow Turismo + MONDECREEN

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