Old Mate’s Block Party proved Sydney’s music lives

I’ve always liked the Factory Theatre. The place has an energy that sits well with folk who have a thirst for thick riffs and mosh pits. It’s not just a place to see a gig, it’s a place where you go to party. Gingerfest, Oneday Sundays and Blurst of Times have all capitalised on throwing great events there and cultivating that friendly vibe. So it made perfect sense that The Lockhearts would host their massive Old Mate’s Block Party at the Factory. And walking through those gates the feeling was right; this was gonna be one hell of a soiree.

Old mates block party 2016

The Lockhearts and crew put on one helluva show with their Old Mate’s Block Party. Good beer, good tunes and good people. What more could you want?

Old Mate’s Block Party was brewed up in response to the overwhelming nanny state the fair city of Sydney has started to morph into. Live music venues, nightclubs, not even kebab shops are safe as such an integral part of the city’s identity is being scrubbed away like some commonplace graffiti off an aging Tangara. The Lockhearts saw this and said enough was enough. Once the Annandale had to shut their doors in 2013, the band were determined to prove that live music was healthy and had a place in Sydney.

Think of them like Captain America; they raised their shield above their head, put the call out and a whole bunch of super friends assembled to fight the good fight. As the band told us previously, they didn’t want to focus on the negatives. Old Mate’s Block Party was a celebration of the city’s live music scene, and the party proved the scene is just as alive as ever.

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The lineup was quality; The Dead love, The Sweet Jelly Rolls, The Daphne Rawling Band, The Mountains, The Cavalry and a whole lot more. Shit man, adding any more killer local bands to the lineup would be as pointless as shining a diamond.

The theme of the day? Riffs and head banging. All the bands were on their game, each of them crushing their sets one after the other. They were there to prove something, that this right here is where the city’s culture thrives and nothing will be able to snuff it out. Punters were well into it. In fact there was a distinct community vibe. Old Mate’s was a lot more than just putting on a party, and the people there seemed to respect that. Not to mention there were some killer eats from the good folk at Bloodwood, salivating when thinking about it can’t be helped.

Old Mate’s Block Party proved to be a cracker of a day. Kudos is rightfully owed to The Lockhearts, the bands, the venue and everyone involved. As far as first events go it went off without a hitch, and we’re sincerely hoping that it comes back next year to deliver the goods.

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