Love Sydney’s live music? You need to party with your old mates The Lockhearts this weekend

There are rumours running about Sydney. Shadows of a whisper that the live music scene in this city is on its last legs. At first glance it feels like the case. Lockout laws and noise restrictions are seemingly strangling the scene. Hell, even kebab shops aren’t safe. Live music shouldn’t be sneered at like some kind of degenerate child at the dinner table. It deserves a seat at that table as a driving force of this city’s culture.

We’ve seen a few events like Volumes 2015, Newtown Festival and the King Street Crawl keep that belief alive, and now your old mates The Lockhearts are following suit with their own local celebration of Sydney killer local music.

The Lockhearts

To put it plain and simple The Lockhearts have had enough of the nanny state the city has become. It’s an establishment the boys say is “Crawling with naysayers and goat-blowers in parliament house who would prohibit your whiskey, outlaw your dance moves, register your tattoos and gleefully infringe on your fundamental rights.

This is a place teeming with great local talent (a fact Happy prides it’s existence on), and as such the band have organised what they call Old Mate’s Block Party. Going down at the Factory Theatre this Saturday January 30, the band will be joined by  The Dead Love, The Cherry Dolls and heaps more for what will no doubt be a night chocker-blocked with rock n’ roll shenanigans.

The Lockhearts

Tickets are going for a cool $20, and you can pick them up once you saunter over to the event’s website.