Stitcher is a band on a mission to reignite the fire of classic rock

Fresh off delivering their latest single ‘Distant Mirage,’ we chat with Stitcher, the up-and-coming rockers from Sydney’s inner west

We caught up with the rising stars, Bailey (guitar), Harry (drums), Belle (vocals), and Miles (bass), to chat about their electrifying sound, upcoming East Coast tour, and debut album.

Buckle up for a journey through their musical inspirations, the thrill of live performance, ‘Distant Mirage‘ and what truly makes them tick.

Stitcher 'Distant Mirage'

Happy: What are you up to today?

Belle: We’re off to Harry’s house to practice our setlist in his garage for our upcoming tour!

Happy: Tell us a little about where you live? What do you love about it?

Miles: Generally, we are from the inner west of Sydney. Obviously, we love the music scene along King St in Newtown.

We frequently play at pubs and music venues along there and surrounding areas. The energy is incredible

Bailey: I live in Five Dock. Grew up here. It’s a good suburb very peaceful and it has the best Vietnamese bread shop in Sydney

Happy: Your sound is a potent throwback to classic rock. What bands or eras most inspire your music?

Bailey: We love that old school rock n roll. Led Zep, Early Fleetwood, AC/DC, The Who…. And so on . Our inspirations go on for ages but we mainly derive our tones from 70’s rock.

Happy: How did you form as a band? Did you all come from other musical projects, or was this a new venture for everyone?

Miles: Basically, Bailey and Harry went to Concord high school together where they weren’t exactly friends.

They had been suspended together, because of each other, and all sorts of dramas. Bailey (16) wanted to start a band, so they put their differences aside and began obsessing over the rock n roll. (Harry had never played the drums before this moment)

So That is when STITCHER began (May 2020) but overtime members left and we rebuilt The Band finding Belle and Myself to be the powerpack that we are today.

Happy: Beyond classic rock, were there any other musical influences that shaped the sound of individual members before coming together as Stitcher?

Miles: I’m actually a guitarist and I played in bands through High school.

Harry: I never really did music at school properly but my dad always had a huge music appreciation and showed me all of the best records from back in the day.

I grew up on the 80s mainly but meeting Bailey really pulled me into the 70s.

Belle: I’ve always been a singer, mainly training and performing in jazz and musical theatre styles.

I found that when I took on the rock n roll sound for stitcher, I was able to use the techniques and styles I had gained throughout my singing journey to tackle the rocking power vocals.

I feel having a background in theatre allows me to connect to the meaning and passion within our songs, and carry that on stage through a theatrical persona.

Happy: Can you walk us through your songwriting process? Does it typically start with riffs, lyrics, or a specific mood?

Belle: Our songwriting g process is very collaborative and often starts with meshing multiple ideas together.

Usually the boys will come to the rehearsal room with new riffs and a concept for a song.

We then continue to write lyrics together to create story which we can all connect to, ensuring there’s passion powering through each instrument.

Happy: You’ve already built a solid live reputation for a young band. What’s the best part about performing in front of a crowd?

Bailey: I think the best part of performing in front of a  crowd is seeing them react to the music in real time.

You have to hook the crowd early in the set so they can have a really good time with the music

Belle: When performing live, I love the energy and adrenaline within the room.

The crowds excited and positive response to our set powers the performance and allows us to connect with them as we share our music and story.

Happy: Is there any gear that you can’t live without?

Bailey: Probably my guitar picks, I’m very particular with which pick I use. Right now I’m using hecro 75 flex guitar picks.

Happy: What’s coming up for the band?

Harry: We’ve got a lot coming up. We kick off our EAST COAST TOUR in July. Hitting Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and landing back in Sydney to support Lazy Ghost on the 27th July.

More Destinations TBC.

While In Brissy we are stopping off for a week to record the second half of our album.

Album should come out end of the year.

Happy: Lastly, what makes you happy?

Harry: Honestly we are a very lucky bunch it’s so great to have the opportunity to have good friends around us and play among the hottest acts in Syd.

I’m happy coz we’re doing it. We’re conquering the music scene just like we use to dream about. And I’m doing it with my best mates.