Suffer The Evenue’s cure short attention span’s with a series of EP’s

When Suffer The Evenue decided to release new music, they opted for a fresh approach: a series of EPs

When we were ready to start bringing out new music, and to approach the evolving market a little differently, we decided to release our material through a series of EP’s.

It’s no secret that the attention span of consumers has decreased over the past however many years so instead of fighting for that attention via a full-length LP, we figured we would drip feed our new music out through volumes.

Suffer The Evenue

This blueprint sparked the idea to tie every EP and their accompanying Music Videos into a continuation story.

For those who may be newly exposed to us, our band has its own trademark mascot in the form of a depraved living-dead Teddy bear, called ‘Superdead’.

To cut a long story short, this character was developed out of a modified ‘Super Ted’ Halloween costume altered to resemble a manky looking dead bear with a malicious attitude!

Basically, we bring the Superdead head costume along to our shows, and for just one song of our set (usually that one track that is sure to get the crowd moving) we select someone from the crowd to don the Superdead head and just behave like an absolute menace.

This gets the crowd really fired up and allows us to engage with them a little more. 

Over the years, this Superdead creation has really taken on a life of its own and helped us push more merch and really give our band a unique identity.

Through spending a lot of time with us and helping us out with behind-the-scenes logistics, our manager Tim has established himself as the official Superdead character and fully leant into the personality.

This led us into a storyline concept for our Music Videos where the ever-persistent antagonist Superdead was out for the blood of each member of Suffer!.

The earliest materialisation of this appeared in our music video for ‘Persuaders’ released 2019.

Writing and releasing the EP ‘Vol 1. Superdead’, was a pivotal time for us as we hadn’t released any new music for a while so wanted to come back in a big way.

And with a cool, interesting Music Video in tow, that’s exactly what we did.

‘Sick Crnt’ was the lead single from ‘Vol 1. Superdead’ and the Music Video that accompanies the track, turned out to be exactly how we envisioned kicking off the continuation story.

Essentially, the first video in the series depicts each Suffer! member going about their day, but each enduring nightmarish visions of Superdead stalking them in their mind.

Somewhat of a psychological torture.

This escalates into a significant mood change for each member, where we just need to release some of this pent-up anger through playing music in our jam room.

The Video ends with the real life actual ‘Superdead’ showing up at our jam room, weapon in hand, clearly there of our blood.

‘A New Empire’ is our latest single and comes from our newly released EP ‘Vol 2. Superdeader’.

We had a hard (one hot 40-degree day) but incredible time shooting this Video and we feel it turned out really well.

This video kicks off exactly where the ‘Sick Crnt’ ended, with Superdead standing at our jam room door, weapon in hand.

We manage to escape the room and a series of massive car/bike/foot chase scenes develop.

With guest appearances for some of our kids, this video has so much wild shit happening in it!

Essentially it ends with the capture of all but one Suffer! member..leading us into the third and final instalment of the story.

There’s so many different directions we can take this story to finish it off, but we’re pretty confident that what we have planned is going to work really well.

Could we see hostage liberation, revenge, Kung pow fight scenes? Follow our socials to stay in touch and find out when Volume 3 drops.