An once-in-a-lifetime chat with Edward J Sly, the most famous rockstar in the universe

Listen, sometimes you have to push for an interview. You get on the blower, you send gifts, and you pull favours. That’s the business. But usually, getting an interview doesn’t mean earning a lifetime ban from an entire star system. If you’re reading this, citizens and families of the Siphonius Cluster, I’m sorry I had to do what I did on intergalactic TV.

The fact is, I would have done anything to meet Edward J Sly.

Edward J Sly & The Void Spewtown

For eons, one band has continued to release hit after hit. Their popularity amongst sentient beings spreads across time, space, and the outer reaches. They are Edward J Sly & The Void, and their influence throughout the galaxy cannot be denied.

Nowhere else is The Void’s  influence felt more but here, on this little dirt ball we call Earth. The band’s first show on Earth was in 2019, on a Time Travelling Music Tour. Instantly falling in love with Earth’s enthusiastic fans who had never heard sounds like theirs before, the band returned again in 1984, then again in 1969 for their secret Woodstock show. Their last gig was an unplugged jazz set in 1921. They are set to return in 1775 and are excited to announce they will be sharing the stage with newcomer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Edward J Sly, or Sly Eddie as he is known to his fans, fronts the band. If Elvis was King, then Edward is Lord. David Bowie affectionately nicknamed him Ziggy. He even wrote a song about him. Rumour has it that he introduced Yoko Ono to John Lennon, and he claims to be the half brother of Keith Richards. In return, Earth’s musicians have inspired him, from Aretha Franklin to Freddie Mercury and Jimi Hendrix.

The Void’s musicians consists of an eight-armed drummer called Octavia, a twelve-fingered guitarist named Larry Zee, and on bass, a demon named Sola with more soul than any angel Earth has ever known.

This Thursday March 19th, Edward J Sly and his band will check into Sydney, Australia, Planet Earth for a special exhibition presented by Spewtown. Before they beam themselves in, we caught Edward for a hard-earned, five-minute chat.

Edward J Sly & The Void Spewtown

HAPPY: Eddie, thanks for checking into the Milky Way. What have you been up to lately?

EDWARD: You’ll have to excuse me, I’m a little rattled. I’ve just come back from a meditation retreat on David Bowie’s intergalactic home planet. I usually go there to get into the zone before a show. Anyway, John Lennon was there and we ended up getting into a fight after I explained very thoroughly that peace is theoretically impossible and there is no point whatsoever in giving it a chance. Anyway, Bowie is doing great since leaving his mortal form. He said to say hi to his fans here on Earth.

HAPPY: Can you introduce us to your band?

EDWARD: Well, on bass we have Sola, she’s a demon from a hell dimension but she has a lot of soul. There’s Octavia, our eight armed drummer from the ocean planet Goonblah, she plays in two other bands, sometimes all at once! And our lead guitarist, Larry Zee, who has adopted Earth as his home planet. He’s found that applying for citizenship has proven difficult.

Edward J Sly & The Void Spewtown

HAPPY: Where you come from, what does music sound like?

EDWARD: I live far beyond this universe, in another plane of existence where alternate rock ‘n’ roll history timelines exist in complete chaos. The music is a mash of all sound that has ever existed. All styles merge into one. It’s a weird place, but if you’re into alternate universe rock ‘n’ roll you should check it some time. I’ve seen The Beetles play, not the group from Liverpool, but a band of actual space beetles. They’re incredible! So are Frenzal Zhomb! They’re just like Frenzal Rhomb except they’re all zombies. It’s mad!

Also, I would recommend listening to The Doors. Again not the earth band called The Doors, but the alternate dimensional band of the same name. They consists of four anthropomorphic doors who play music. There’s something so soothing about listening to actual doors playing door music. Riders on the Hinge, L.A Doorknob and Open Me Two Times are great hits. If it’s something more modern you’re, into check out a band called Dadford and Daughters.

Edward J Sly & The Void Spewtown

HAPPY: Tell us about a few of the characters you’ve met over the years? Big and small.

EDWARD: Oh there are so many where do I start? I once got into a fist fight with Evil Elvis, he’s the guy who knocked my tooth out. You see, I used to be an Elvis impersonator. You could say I was the first! I would do Elvis impersonations in front of Evil Elvis to taunt him. Well yeah, he didn’t like that much and one day socked me one! For reference, when I’m talking about Evil Elvis, I’m talking about your Earth Elvis. Actual Elvis was a really nice guy.

The nicest earthling I’ve ever met was Albert Einstein. I was drinking with him when he came up with his famous E = mc² equation on his little blackboard. Well, he came up with the E = mc bit. I suggested he add one of those cute little 2’s after the c. The rest was history!

The most amazing entity I’ve ever met would be Patti Smith’s higher dimensional self. That’s one wise being. Her words are universal and the sounds she makes are pure life energy. I went to see her last show up in the 11th dimension, but got scammed by a ticket scalper! Never do business with Gargantuan.

HAPPY: Who threw better parties, Bowie or Mozart?

EDWARD: They’ve both had their wild times. If you want a real party monster look no further than Bowzart. Born Wolfgang Davideus Bowzart, he’s half Bowie, half Mozart! He’s literally off the charts. With all the partying he does I can’t believe he still has time to crank out hits like Space Oddity Sonata No. 12! A totally mind-blowing track!

HAPPY: If you could impart one lesson upon the people of Earth, what would it be?

EDWARD: You earthlings are on a huge rock that is rolling through the universe. It’s your planetary right to rock ‘n’ roll. So party hard. Also clean up after yourselves, limit the amount of plastic you consume, and stop investing in coal. Rock out, but be responsible for the planet. In other parallel universes, Earthlings have become extinct from their stupid selfish ways. You lot are the last humans in any universe. Not many people know that. It would be a shame to see you all go extinct. Earth shows rock! I’d really miss performing there.

HAPPY: You’re joining us for a special night in Sydney very soon, an exhibition I believe. What can we expect?

EDWARD: An earthling called Bunkwaa has created a comic and collected a bunch of band memorabilia and is exhibiting it all at Happy Mag in Newtown on the 19th of March. There’s  going to be some augmented reality art and animation! The whole band is going to be there. It should be great.


If you happen to be in the solar system on Thursday March 19th, come see the biggest collection of Edward J Sly & The Void memorabilia ever – from gig posters to album cover art. Celebrate the band’s galactic highs and hellish lows! Relive their greatest music adventures. It’s pegged to be the biggest event this side of the nebulae.

Spewtown Presents: Edward J. Sly and the Void

Opening Thursday March 19, 2020, 6-8pm
Level 1/325 King Street Newtown
Free – Details