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A chat with Wilk, one of Australia’s most enigmatic yet alluring music photographers

Wilk is an enigmatic photographer based in Melbourne, Australia – enigmatic in the sense that there isn’t much info out there about them, and in the sense that their one-word moniker gives very little away – is it a surname, a creative appellation, a childhood nickname, all of the above?

It doesn’t really matter, Wilk’s photography speaks for itself. You likely would have come across their shots before, having worked with everyone from Sarah Blasko to Hiatus Kaiyote to Donny Benet.

We had a chat with them about how their career trajectory, what they consider an artistic win, and what advice they’ve cherished the most.

Jack Ladder

Chatting with enigmatic music photographer Wilk about their career trajectory, what they consider an artistic win, and what advice they’ve cherished the most.

HAPPY: How would you say your style has developed over time?

WILK: So my images have gone from large crisp and conservative to much more blurry, colourful and impressionistic. As a late teenager and into my early twenties I shot large scale billboard ads for brands such as Qantas, Guinness, Audi, Toyota etc. Through my twenties I predominately shot playful editorial portraits of everyone from farmers to scientists, celebrity chefs to prime ministers. Now for the last six years or so I mostly conceive and photograph album covers and promotional imagery.


HAPPY: What’s your ideal collaboration?

WILK: An artist who knows who they are but not exactly what they want.

Hiatus Kaiyote

HAPPY: What tool is indispensable to your craft?

WILK: A camera.. :0

Confidence Man

HAPPY: What would be the biggest win for you?

WILK: Image by image. Creating imagery that the artist feels captures an impression of the music.

Donny Benet

HAPPY: What drew you towards photography when you were starting out?

WILK: I’m not really sure…

Kira Puru

HAPPY: What’s your favourite part about working with the medium?

WILK: A good friend of mine (JACK LADDER) once told me “a photograph is a beautiful way to lie”.

The XX

HAPPY: How do you know when a work is finished?

WILK: Something just clicks… It’s hard to explain… you know when you know.

Mojo Juju

HAPPY: What’s next for you?

WLIK: I’m constantly working with several artists or groups. I’m also part way through a large personal series.


HAPPY: What’d the single most important piece of creative advice you’ve been given?

WILK: Everything is a hammer, it just depends on what you are nailing. Find the right hammer for the right nail.



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October 18, 2018