A global survey just ruled Sydney as one of the least fun cities in the world and you guessed it, Melbourne did a whole lot better

According to a 20,000 person survey covering 18 global population hubs conducted by TimeOut, Sydney has become one of the least fun cities in the world to live in. Meanwhile, Melbourne took out a placing right at the top.

Despite the best efforts of key players trying to keep Sydney alive, it seems citizens are still salty enough to rate it one of the worst cities you can find in terms of vibrancy, difficulty of living, food and drink, a feeling of community, inclusiveness and affordability. Ouch.

sydney vs melbourne

Sydney is feeling the burn as a worldwide survey has rated it one of the least fun cities in the world to live in, while moving to Melbourne seems like a better idea every day.

Sydney came in third last in their overall score, only beating out Dubai and Kuala Lumpur according to the survey results. Melbourne came in the penultimate position, second only to Chicago due to it’s friendliness, affordability and notable community spirit.

It wasn’t all bad for Sydney though – the city ranked among the highest for the frequency of hangovers (only London beat us out here). It seems that despite the State Government’s hard-fought and expensive efforts to curb our city’s drinking problem, people are still finding the time to sink piss.

See the full results of the survey on TimeOut.