Trackies, goon and Hungry Jacks: a healthy chat with SOOK and ZEAHORSE

ZEAHORSE and SOOK have a few things in common. They’re both capitalised, they’re both fucking loud, and they’re both playing our Issue 8 Launch this Saturday at the Lady Hampshire.

And now there’s this interview. Ahead of the party, we thought it only polite to let the two get to know each other, and the respective parties’ drinking habits, a little better.

zeahorse sook artist on artist interview

Think you know ZEAHORSE and SOOK? Before they smash it at the Issue 8 Launch, the twin punk powerhouses sit down for a chat.

ZEAHORSE interviews SOOK

ZEAHORSE: We saw that your current tour is sponsored by Coolabah, how did that come about and who’s the goon champ of the tour so far?

SOOK: Our mates at Walken were sponsored by Coolabah for their recent tour, so we thought we’d give it a shot, and now here we are. Cheyne is definitely the champion of wines, but on this tour Macayla, Cheyne and our manager Sam have really been on par, they’ll really drink anything if it has alcohol in it.

ZEAHORSE: Your new EP sounds great, who recorded it and what bands had an influence on you during the songwriting process?

SOOK: Oooooooft jeez thank you guys so much. Our manager Sam Tyson recorded it for us in his house, he’s just really good at what he does. All of us are really inspired by different things in what we write and how we write it, but Sonic Youth, Bikini Kill, Patti Smith, Hole and King Krule.

SOOK interviews ZEAHORSE

SOOK: If you had your own fezzy who would be your top three headliners, alive or dead?

ZEAHORSE: Fugazi, Madonna and ParliamentFunkadelic.

SOOK: ONE MUST GO: tracky dacks or hoodies?

ZEAHORSE: Pwhoa, that’s tuff seeing as I’m currently wearing a matching Lowes tracky set. Hmmm I’d have to say the hoodie would have to go, we’re a daggy bunch and nothing can replace a good pair of tracky pants.

SOOK: Your go-to drinking game when you want to get maggot hell quick?

ZEAHORSE: We’ve outgrown drinking games, only because our drinking pace has become just as effective without the games. So I guess it would be called Friday Night.

Double time

HAPPY: Essentials for a road trip playlist?

SOOK: Ty Segall, Drunk Mums, Amyl, T.Rex, Nelly Furtado, Nicki Minaj, Hannah Montana.

ZEAHORSE: Pissed Jeans, Ween, Mayhem, Cat Power, Bicep, Neu, PJ Harvey.

HAPPY: Hungry Jack’s or Maccas?

SOOK: The big HJs is superior in all areas.

ZEAHORSE: They’re both extremely classy food outlets and we can’t split them apart, they both offer delicious slop when on the road. But HJ’s is the 1 4 me.

HAPPY: If you could play a song to Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump what would it be?

ZEAHORSE: We’d make them look into each other’s eyes and then we’d play them a cover of Kylie Minogue’s Confide In Me.

SOOK: The first thing Macayla thought of was Never Tear Us Apart by INXS but Cheyne just immediately thought Jump Around by House of Pain.

HAPPY: Are you guilty of stealing the headliner’s rider when they’re playing on stage?

ZEAHORSE: Yes. Guilty. Not all the time but.

SOOK: We’re not… yet. I mean, if they had a lit rider I am 100% sure that we would at least try and go for it.

HAPPY: If you could pick anyone to be your tour manager who would it be?

ZEAHORSE: Bill Murray.

SOOK: We’d honestly have as our tour manager whoever has put on the King Gizz and Amyl tour, because that is a fucking banger.


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