A huge Amyl & The Sniffers mural has been erected in London

Through a mural plastered on to the back of a Shoreditch brewery, Amyl and the Sniffers have been immortalized in paint half a world from their hometown.

Picked up by iconic fashion designer Gucci for their #GucciGig campaign, a series that juxtaposes the motions of a band on tour with iconic Gucci imagery. Whether sweating it out in small, tightly packed venues or cruising through the Californian desert in unreliable 12-seater vans, Amy Taylor and her gang of sniffers are grinning as wide as their Gucci specs.

Rarely do we see punk music and high fashion overlap on our social venn-diagram, but rowdy Melbourne-based act Amyl & The Sniffers don’t seem to mind breaking the mould.


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The mural towers over a grey, North-London car park as frontwoman Amy Taylor mimics her pose, donning a wide grin underneath wider sunglasses.

Having just released their self titled record in the midst of back to back European and North American tours, the band is continuing to prove themselves as one of Australia’s finest musical exports

Check out the ‘Not Punk’ playlist that the band curated for Gucci here: