A fresh new Taylor Swift mural in Sydney has the haters hating…

The haters gonna hate….A new Taylor Swift mural in Surry hills, has drawn a lot of mixed reactions

As Taylor Swift gears up for her four-date Eras Tour in Sydney, a sizable mural of the pop sensation has emerged on Crown Street, Surry Hills, courtesy of artist Scottie Marsh.

The mural features Swift in a red top with flowing blonde locks, donning a ’87’ necklace as a tribute to her boyfriend Travis Kelce. While intended as a celebratory homage, the artwork has stirred a mixed bag of opinions.


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Critiques flooded social media platforms, with comments ranged from describing it as “unflattering” to comparing it to a “MAFSAU wife.” One imaginative critic even equated the piece to “my cat eating a rainbow lorikeet and then throwing up on the wall.”

The feedback extended to Marsh’s own Instagram, with some users expressing that it’s “not one of your better works.” Surprisingly, comparisons were drawn to Donald Trump and Napoleon Dynamite, injecting an unexpected historical flavour into the discussion.

Despite the criticisms, there were supporters defending the mural, emphasising that Taylor Swift brings joy to many. Echoing Swift’s own lyrics, one fan simply stated, “Haters gonna hate.”

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Amidst the divided responses, it’s crucial to recognise the subjective nature of art. What may not resonate with one person might be cherished by another. The mural, divisive as it is, does provoke conversation and adds a temporary burst of color to Sydney’s streets.

In the end, regardless of whether it’s seen as a fitting tribute or an unconventional piece, one thing is certain: Taylor Swift’s arrival in Sydney promises to be an electrifying event, leaving its mark on the city, mural critiques notwithstanding.

So, Swifties, get ready to shake it off, belt out your favourite tunes, and create memories that will endure, mural controversies aside.