Needle In The Hay

SONY promises premium portable speaker to one lucky NITH entrant

What better way to celebrate entering Needle In The Hay than by blasting your very own tune from a SONY speaker?

There’s perhaps nothing more handy than a portable speaker. Whether you’re blasting the hottest new album while completing your chores, catching up on your favourite podcast while taking a shower, or — as is the case for this writer — using a speaker instead of your broken car radio, there are countless everyday moments that simply must be soundtracked by a trusty speaker. 

While there’s plenty of portable speaker options on the market, no one is better poised to create quality sound than SONY.

They have long been the leaders and tastemakers in the audio game, so it stands to reason that their speakers are also the cream of the crop.

That’s why our eyes lit up when SONY, one of the prizing partners for this year’s Needle In The Hay, revealed which of their products would be going to one lucky entrant. 

Introducing SONY’s SRS-XG500 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker! When a piece of tech contains that many numerals and letters, you know it’s good.

SONY speaker NITH

Known for its sleek design, this speaker as part of SONY’s X-Series range is destined to be blown full blast, purpose-built for dancing all night to a clear, rich sound.

Among its many stellar features is the handle, perfect for comfort and easy portability. Want to listen to tunes on the go? The XG500 is made for carrying with you, wherever you are.

What’s more, the speaker boasts a 30-hour battery life, ensuring that you weekend-long benders are never left quiet. The XG500’s built-in lighting is sure to add a little extra flair to your party, too. 

SONY speaker NITH

The speaker is also water resistant and dustproof, meaning it’s ready for just about anything, including a trip to the pool, park or beach.

It’s one of the starriest prizes on offer for this year’s Needle In The Hay, so head  to SONY’s website here if you want to find out more. For more details around NITH 2024, head here