A Million Billion Dying Suns

They just discovered the existence of gravitational waves which could validate the theory of parallel universes… and that in turn would mean that there are infinite copies of you doing just about everything that you can imagine and much more. So yeah, there would be a would be a million billion dying suns swimming out there in the vastness of space too, and you’ll find one of the sun’s doppelgängers in sunny California.

a million billion dying sunsCalifornian transcendental rock outfit A Million Billion Dying Suns make music for your last moments, the ones before the universe implodes on itself. Cheery.

A Million Billion Dying Suns were formed in San Francisco, but it has been two years since they’ve been grooving around that hippie joint. Started by Nate Mercereau, who triples up as the vocalist, the guitarist and songwriter, the other band members include Steve Wyreman strumming the guitar, Josh Lippi hammering the bass, Derek Taylor smashing the drums and Ben Schwier pressing keys. These guys play transcendental/psychedelic rock, and they play it good.

The band draws inspiration from (and I quote Nate): “Inspiration from anything. Nature, weather, people, the infinite vibrating universe, other songs, creation…” That sounds like the whole shabang, really.

AMBDS have released a three track EP called Strawberry as well as a seven-inch vinyl. And their track, True Reality Lies Beyond The Cosmic Horizon features in Shaun White’s Winter Olympic’s GoPro commercial. Way to go huh? Plus, they’ve got videos for two of their tracks: Plush and Hey Man (which was just released last week).

Grungy riffs and bicycles get the video for Hey Man rolling and who would have thought that bicycles in slow motion could be so sexy? I thought that sort of magical ability was wielded only by the Baywatch babes. The music makes you want to raise your hands in the air and sway gently, but it’s not a low energy track.

No, it’s more like those moving walls you see in the movies, which creep towards the hero trapped in the centre. Slow-moving but with deadly force. The video has got bikers, wizards, mutant vampires, adventure, savage beatings and psychosis. Although I am a little disappointed that they left the Merfolk out (I was kinda rooting for them), the brilliant cinematography makes the video one hell of a ride. Watch and learn.

AMBDS are playing on the tenth of this month in L.A and again on the twenty-second in San Francisco. So now you know where to go.



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