A new box set of Frank Zappa’s The Mothers of Invention is coming soon

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Frank Zappa‘s most famed band, The Mothers of Invention, we are getting a brand new box set.

Even though the group’s roots date back to 1964, numerous personnel changes and names led to a solidification of the band’s now-classic lineup in 1970.

Frank Zappa and the mothers

Frank Zappa’s classic band, The Mothers of Invention, are getting a brand new box set and the collection will cover 1970’s lineup.

Coming out June 26th, The Mothers 1970 will feature an absolutely huge amount of material. The box set will include 70 tracks which range from demos to live recordings and back to rare material. Although the band released just one album with Chunga’s Revenge before the lineup changed once again, the group participated in a major tour which left fountains of material.

The lineup in question included featured Aynsley Dunbar, George Duke, Ian Underwood, Flo & Eddie, and Jeff Simmons. Zappa fans are ravenous, searching for any material that the guitarist recorded. The new box set will feature never-heard-before songs and live recordings with the group.

Joe Travers who is in charge of Zappa’s vaults explained, “It’s no secret that Frank was excited about this group. The cast of characters and their personalities, musically and personally, made for a very eventful and humorous chapter in Zappa’s career. Frank had a blast with these guys. Their sound was unique, their humour was like no other and yet their time was ultimately short lived.”

You can pre-order the massive box set right here.