Endangered seahorses have been released back into Sydney Harbour

In today’s episode of wholesome animal content, SEA Life Sydney Aquarium has released a group of White’s seahorses (aka Sydney seahorses) back into Sydney Harbour, and created lil 5-star hotels for them to live in.

Teaming up with DPI Fisheries and UTS, Sydney Aquarium began an intensive 10-month breeding program in order to re-populate the harbour’s slowly disappearing seahorse community. We all know the harbour is pretty nasty, so understandable, but this was mainly due to the complete eradication of sponge, seagrass and soft coral from the area.

Photo: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Sydney Aquarium has built lil Seahorse hotels to make sure that our little friends live in Sydney Harbour for as long as possible.

EEEK, look at its lil snout! Its flippy tail! Turns out that the bb Sydney seahorses are “Australia’s only threatened species and only the second endangered seahorse species in the world. I THINK NOT! These little guys must be protected at all costs.

“… We have successfully bred dozens of White’s seahorses and to see these healthy, strong juveniles be released into the wild is an amazing milestone in such a critical project for the species,” SEA LIFE seahorse expert Robbie McCracken states, assuring locals that they definitely aren’t horsing around with such a crucial issue.

The Aquarium will be conducting regular dives in order to check up on the elegant fishies, noting that this experiment is crucial in determining whether the Harbour is capable of sustaining populations going forward.