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Conductor will lead the world’s largest orchestra atop the Harbour Bridge with lasers

The World’s Largest Orchestra is coming to Sydney, aiming to bring musicians all around Sydney together to play in unison, no matter where they are located.

World's Largest Orchestra

The event is based around inclusivity, and would work by the conductor being positioned on the Harbour Bridge conducting with laser batons to groups of musicians in line of sight around the harbour, various locations across the city, and through the power of the internet, across the country and world. Through the guidance of the conductor, these wide-spread musicians would be considered to be included and playing in the one orchestra. The event promises to be a stunning musical and visual event, and provide a high sensory experience. The concept has been curated by Mike Fernandes, who has been joined on the frontline by his son Ben.

The World’s Largest Orchestra has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to see the event come to life, where a pledge as small as $1 can made. You can check out the event here, and watch the video below for all the event details and information.


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November 3, 2015