Aussie cinemas might re-open just in time for the new Christopher Nolan film, ‘Tenet’

With the film industry devastated by the effects of the coronavirus, it looks like the release of Christopher Nolan’s new film Tenet is set to coincide with the industry’s rebirth.

According to a number of industry sources, cinema doors in Australia could reopen from July 18th, exactly when Tenet is scheduled for release. Kristian Connelly of Cinema Nova has described the film as “a totem guiding the industry towards its reboot”.

Tenet film, christopher nolan

Christopher Nolan’s new film Tenet will help rejuvenate the cinema industry, with its release coinciding with the reopening of Australian cinemas.

Whilst the exact reopening of cinemas will depend on the Australian Government’s relaxation of coronavirus laws, the National Association Of Cinema Operators released a statement explaining they are, “enthusiastic about the prospect of reopening and are hopeful of conditions enabling it to do so in July.”

When cinemas do reopen they will be subject to post-coronavirus adjustments, including cashless payments, staggered sittings, higher levels of cleaning, as well as fewer sessions across all of Australia’s cinema outlets, including Hoyts, Palace Cinema, Event, and numerous others.

Nolan’s new film is the follow up to his WW2 masterpiece Dunkirk. The LA Times reports that the film is: “Set in “the afterlife” of a world of international espionage. “Tenet” follows Washington’s operative as he races against the clock to prevent World War III. Though it’s unclear exactly how his character was recruited for the job, it seems to require some trademark Nolan time hops.”

What better way to rejuvenate the film industry than with a new Nolan time warp.

Check out the trailer below.

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