Christopher Nolan’s new time hop espionage film set for 2020 release

Are we sure we understand Christopher Nolan yet? Sure, with the exception of the Batman trilogy which is fairly straightforward, the auteurist genius of Christopher Nolan might be too complex for us unwashed that sit like children in a prep class, without the slightest clue what’s happening but there for a good time.

For all you living imprisoned under a rock, Nolan made some of the great films of this century. Memento, Inception, The Prestige and so on, and now we have the latest invention from his complex mind, Tenet.

christopher nolan tenet

Brace yourself for another Christopher Nolan future classic. The trailer for Tenet has shown it all, even if you think you’re ready, you’re not.

Tenet, as explained by Christi Carras in the LA Times, is “Set in “the afterlife” of a world of international espionage. “Tenet” follows Washington’s operative as he races against the clock to prevent World War III. Though it’s unclear exactly how his character was recruited for the job, it seems to require some trademark Nolan time hops.”

“Trademark Nolan time hops”, what a great line to sum up the almost irresponsible fashion of filmmaking Nolan creates. The first Tenet trailer shows nothing but organised chaos. A theme stretched across his other masterpieces, especially that of arguably Tenet’s cousin, Inception. 

Judging by the trailer, our leading man currently with no name played by John David Washington (BlacKkKlansman) seems to get shit on from start to finish whilst he navigates his way through a world I’m sure he won’t understand.

Have a look at the trailer, maybe sit down, compose yourself and prepare for another story built on dichotomy and suspense.