Instant noodles? Nope, it’s the latest in Bottega Veneta footwear

Italian high fashion house Bottega Veneta have their fingers on the pulse. Their SS20 collection earlier this year features some incredible vibrant ensembles that dare to push the designer line into brave new spaces. At their Fashion Week runway show, it seemed all the fabrics and colours had come out to play.

Their latest unveiling from their 2020 Pre-Fall collection, in both open-toed mule and boot form, is a design that can really only be described as instant noodles. Not kidding, but to be fair unfavourable comparisons to NSYNC Timberlake era hair came to mind as well.

Wow! Bottega Veneta have declared instant noodles are the 2020 vibe. I totally called it, sis.

The shoes come in light tan or yellow, which to me is the difference between using or discarding the flavour sachet that comes with a pack of two minute noodles.

The collection also sports an interesting oversized fleecy bag that looks a lot like butter on toast, again, not kidding – 2020 is starting to look like a few days before student allowance kicks in. But if you think you’ll be paying student prices for designer footwear, think again.

The average catalogue price of Bottega Veneta footwear is $1,000 so if you’re an eager fashionista it might even be worth while making a pair of your own. I’m sure it’s much cheaper and tastier if your night out turns to shit and you genuinely consider eating your shoe.