Courtney Barnett shares new single Three Packs A Day, an ode to two minute noodles

After dominating the 2015 ARIA awards and scoring a Grammy nomination, Courtney Barnett has shared her new track Three Packs A Day, an ode to two minute noodles.

Milk Records

Although at first glance it may seem as through Barnett is singing about an out of control smoking habit, with lyrics like “That MSG tastes good to me, I disagree with all your warnings, it can’t be true, that they use glue to keep the noodles stuck together”, it quickly becomes apparent the tune is about her love for quick cooking noodles.

The track is set to appear on a six track compilation, from Barnett’s own label Milk! Records. The disc, which will be titled Good For You, will feature new tracks from the likes of Jen Cloher, Fraser A. Gorman and Ouch My Face.