Dammit, Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ is at #1 AGAIN

Australia, you’ve done it again. Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You is at #1 for the fifth bloody time.

Mariah Carey’s Christmas classic has stolen the top spot on the ARIA Singles Chart once again, for the fifth consecutive year since 2018.

Y’all keep saying it’s annoying. Heck, some of you are even outright banning the track from certain locales. And yet, All I Want For Christmas Is You continues to echo through shopping centres, cafes, car stereos and iPhone speakers. So don’t blame the charts, Australia! You brought this on yourselves.

Credit: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for MC

Our nation has contributed to the world’s undying popularisation of the track so significantly, that not even Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero could withstand the pressure. Pat yourselves on the back (or a smack).

Here’s a little charts history for you. As per theMusic, the song All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey was the 1081st #1 hit on Aussie shores. Since its first appearance at the top of the singles chart on December 31 of 2018, where it stayed for a whole week, it’s had the exact same success each year since, for the same amount of time.

Credit: James Devaney / WireImage

Five years and five migraines later, some of you still aren’t sick of streaming this bad boy in the lead-up to Chrissie. And honestly, good for you. What else can you do? If you bloody love a tune, you just gotta keep spinning it.

While we’re pretty sure you already know how the song goes, here it is below if you need to refresh your memory. And if you don’t dig it, maybe ask Santa for earplugs this Christmas? Anyway, happy holidays everyone!