In secret, Justin Timberlake dropped into Newtown High School to give a surprise class

On Friday, unbeknownst to almost everybody who would be involved, Justin Timberlake himself made a surprise appearance during a music class at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts.

After the screaming stopped, he sat down to watch his new classmates perform, giving each of the students some friendly encouragement as well as a couple of pointers on the songs they played.

All the students had been told was they would have a “special guest” for the class. Before Timberlake entered, head teacher Christopher Miller announced “I did not mention how special this guest is.”

newtown high school

Students at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts were treated to an appearance from superstar Justin Timberlake on Friday, a complete surprise to all of them.

Newtown has long been a creative hub, especially were music is concerned. A huge amount of the bands Happy loves hail from Newtown, or call the suburb home. It only makes sense that the current class at the local school would be a melting pot of musical talent.

The performances were all top quality, Timberlake even remarking to student Fergus Lupton that he would “put that on the radio now. Honestly.”

Via Cosmopolitan.