You haven’t fully experienced the disturbing nature of Black Mirror until you see these comic covers

The superbly disturbing British TV series Black Mirror catapulted to international success after being picked up by Netflix earlier this year. Now, it’s latest revamp comes in the form of comic art.

The artist, Butcher Billy, originally posted the images on Twitter, instantly grabbing the attention of show’s creator, Charlie Brooker.

Photo by Butcher Billy
Photo by Butcher Billy

If you’ve already experienced the disturbing disposition of Black Mirror, take your discomfort to the next level with these adapted comic covers.

Combining the striking aesthetic of comic art with the subversive themes of Black Mirror makes Butcher’s art all the more challenging.

“It’s that sort of rule-breaking, devil may care, chaotic attitude that inspires Billy’s art,” his website says.

Transformed episodes include The National Anthem, Nosedive, White Bear, The Entire History of You, San Junipero and Shut Up and Dance.

Fans and critics remember the first episode of the first season, The National Anthem, for it’s extremely disconcerting plot which centres around a Prime Minister that must publicly commit bestiality with a pig to save a young, female member of the Royal Family. Episode 1 of season 3, Nosedive, is equally unnerving with it’s twisted, satirical depiction of a society obsessed with social status.

Butcher continues to share images on Twitter and update his online shop. You can buy his Black Mirror comic art in the form of apparel, iPhone cases, home décor and much more right here.