Up against Drake, Beyoncé and Kanye, it was Mozart who sold more CDs in 2016 than any other artist

Although the format is as dead as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself, nothing was going to stop the classical composer from eclipsing superstars like Drake and Kanye West with the amount of CDs he sold in 2016.

What’s better, he accomplished it in just five weeks. To celebrate 225 years since his death, the compilation Mozart 225 was released on October 28, and has shot straight to the top of the CD chart with blinding speed since.


Centuries after his death, Mozart has returned from the grave with feisty victory, claiming his throne as 2016’s king of the CD format.

Now as a collection, Mozart 255 has only been purchased 5,500 times. The kicker is that it’s the most comprehensive body of work ever released that’s dedicated to the work of a single composer.

With 200 CDs included in the collection, that bumps the total number of discs sold to over 1.1 million, cementing the boy genius turned composer’s pole position on the CD chart.

With vinyl recently outselling digital for the first time for the first time in yonks and Mozart hitting the top of the pops, it truly is a tumultuous time for music sales. As to what the next shocking revelation in the times of vinyl’s renaissance will be, your guess is as good as ours.