Hugh Grant is making a mockumentary on 2020 with Black Mirror’s Charlie Brooker

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker is reportedly creating a Netflix mockumentary about 2020, featuring Hugh Grant.

2020 has been deeply cursed. From death hornets to COVID, the year has just seen one tragedy after the next. Luckily for us, humble citizens, Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker is coming out with a mockumentary about the subject, featuring none other than ex-’90s heartthrob Hugh Grant. Grant revealed the news during an interview with Vulture, who asked: “Do you know right now what you might do next?”

“I’m doing a thing tomorrow, actually. Charlie Brooker [the creator of Black Mirror] has written a mockumentary about 2020,” Grant replied. Hmm, the plot thickens.

Hugh grant Charlie Brooker Mockumentary
Photo: STX Films/Everett Collection

“It’s for Netflix, and I am a historian who’s being interviewed about the year. I’m pretty repellent, actually! And you’ll like my wig,” Grant continued.

This will be the first glimpse of Brooker’s Netflix content since Black Mirror’s 5th season, featuring the likes of Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie, Topher Grace, and Andrew ScottWith Brooker’s history of ensemble casts, it wouldn’t be a surprise if more stars jumped on for the season.

Audiences have been without new Black Mirror content for nearly a year now, with Brooker first airing his thoughts on the coronavirus through the revival of his 2013 project The Weekly Wipe. The BBC special, The Anti-viral Wipe, aired during the early days of lockdown and was a slight glimpse into Brooker’s thoughts as the world began to spin out of control.

There’s been no word on any release date, nor have any further details of the production been announced. However, considering the chaos that has been this year, it looks like Hugh Grant will have a lot of history to cover.