Squirrel goes viral after getting drunk off fermented pears

A Minnesotan squirrel has become an internet sensation after accidentally getting drunk on fermented pears.

Katy Morlok, a resident of Inner Grove Minnesotan, recently caught the attention of the internet after accidentally getting a squirrel incredibly drunk from feeding him some fermented pears.

The squirrel (affectionately known as Lil Red) didn’t know what was coming for him after Morlok cleaned out her fridge and discovered some old pears. Speaking to Fox News, Morklok said that it was a hobby of hers to feed the local squirrels, and that she didn’t think twice about giving the pears to Lil Red.

drunk squirrel
Image: YouTube, PiggyGirl2010

It wasn’t until the little guy returned for seconds that she realised the pears were so old they were likely fermented. Nobody can blame Morlok’s furry friend for wanting more, and the video she captured (which has racked up more than 2 million views), suggests that they were some damn strong pears.

I can’t help but feel for the little guy, rocking back and forth, he probably has no idea what on earth is going on. But then again, maybe it wasn’t so bad for him.

Morlok worried about the squirrel all night but thankfully, in the morning, “he came back for his little hangover breakfast and he’s been fine ever since.” According to Twitter user @megelison, animals actually seek out ferment and get drunk on purpose all the time.

My only concern here is that Katy’s fermented pears may have unleashed the wrath of Lil Red. Let’s hope his drunken night was a one-time occurrence.