Getting drunk on the fully-formed funk of Bin Juice

I first stumbled on Bin Juice at an ad hoc warehouse party in Marrickville a couple of years ago. There was a giant Buddha statue sitting the corner and the whole night was abound with this chaotic, freewheeling energy.

Their jazzy hooks made a lasting impression, and since catching the band a few times over, I’ve learned that’s just their typical warm steeze.

Bin Juice live the bank hotel waywards cobra club happy mag dani hansen
Photos: Dani Hansen

Laying down their usual concoction of funky grooves, Bin Juice cast a woozy spell upon The Bank Hotel last week.

Walking in for their set at Cobra Club in Newtown, I was expecting a good old groovy time and the band didn’t leave me wanting. We waded in nice and slow with a rich ambient concoction of sax, guitars and percussion all rumbling in gorgeous unison, which slid seamlessly into fully-formed, upbeat funk that sent the room swinging.

Hips were swaying all around me and the vibe was intoxicating. Album title track Watermellon and latest single Swish were definitely high notes, but the flawless shift between boozy soul and tight funk was so perfectly curated that each number just amplified the mood.

By the time the close rolled around, I was decidedly drunk on that “pterodactyl lounge music” or “flow bone funk”, if you will. It’s always a wholesome time jiving with these guys.