Realise the untapped potential of Tuesdays with Cobra Club, a killer weekly gig that’s 100% free

Too long has Sydney ignored the wonderful, wonderful opportunities belied by a mid-week party. It’s a city which thrives Thursday through Saturday, yet for some reason we’re taking no hints from the rest of the world when it comes to every other day on the schedule.

We’ve already been to a few installations of Cobra Club, a weekly night heralded by Waywards (upstairs at The Bank Hotel in Newtown). They’re straight-up killing it so far, the lineups have been amazing and the vibe has been paramount. Maybe we just love it because somebody is actually putting on gigs on Tuesday… for free!

cobra club waywards the bank hotel free night
Art by We Buy Your Kids

Cobra Club is hosting a series of killer showcases on a Tuesday in Sydney because honestly, what the hell else would you be doing?

An obscure 2013 study from staffing firm Accountemps discovered that Tuesday is by far the most productive day of the working week, according to employers. I’m of the opinion that hard work deserves a reward, because we’ve all gotta stay sane, you know?

Furthermore the study showed that productivity took a profound hit as the week went on, so your Wednesday hangover was never going to hold you back, really.

Cobra Club’s inaugural installation took place at this year’s King St Crawl, a mid-afternoon romper featuring the likes of High-tails, MEZKO, Orion and Unity Floors. Following that, a more official launch of sorts went underway starring Italo-disco wunderkids Gauci and the always amazing Flowertruck.

Take it from us, these fellas know how to book a ticket. They’ve put on four more nights since those initial two, bringing in some of our favourite local acts week after week.

Looking forward on the calendar they’re bringing Le Pie, Georgia June, Full Flower Moon Band and more to the table, so they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Plus, each night welcomes a $6 beer deal thanks to the local legends of the Grifter Brewing Co.

Keep up to date with Cobra Club on Facebook, and suss out their upcoming events below:

Oct 24 – Le Pie & Georgia June – Details
Oct 31 – Tesse & Post Paint – Details
Nov 7 – Full Flower Moon Band