Arcade Stories traces new sonic territories on his latest single ‘Submerse’

On his latest single, Arcade Stories rewrites sonic into a cinematic and symbolic playbook.

I’ve always seen alt-rock like an ocean. Songs can vary in intensity, going from still waters to crashing waves in seconds. There is no limit to the depth of the track either, with choruses holding the potential to expand out into the beyond. Arcade Stories’ latest track fits right into the echelon.

Submerse does exactly what its name suggests, buries you in layers of sonic. With a level of breadth and detail that the artist has ingrained into this piece, you would barely believe that it was only his sophomore single.

arcade series

Submerse is definitely a slow burner, but that’s what gives the track its charisma. Opening with a velvety carpet of drum and riff, the artist slowly layers on intensity before erupting into a stormy, acid-fuelled chorus. Waves of turmoil and pain crash over each other, as the once-metal fused rhythm section threatens to unravel at any moment.

The artist certainly doesn’t let that happen, however, promptly pulling back the verse into a cyclic tide that ebbs and flows over nuances of agony and decay.


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“Submerse delivers dynamic shifts like the increasing strength in a set of waves, each iteration crushing harder than its forerunner,” the artist’s bio explains. “A single that grows heavier with every listen, the melodic ascension leaving you breathless.”

Arcade Stories’ work holds unparalleled strength.

Open up some space on your Friday night to sink into this incredible release below: