Goodbye plans, Taronga Zoo have launched a Capybara live-stream

Potentially the greatest live-streamed event had just reached our screens. Taronga Zoo has launched a Capybara cam of their beloved enclosure, giving audiences a 24/7 look into the lives of our furry friends.

Whatever you had planned for today, you can forget, because our favourite South American rodents Pedro, Sanchez, Guillermo, Carlos and Rodney will be taking up all of your time.

Photo: Taronga Zoo

Brb, I’m about to spend the next 5 hours watching Rodney the Capybara swim and eat snacks.

So far, highlights have included a wrestling match between Pedro and Sanchez, Guillermo exploring the many nuances of lettuce, and Rodney seeming to have an existential crisis while floating around his pool. The pig-like water wombats are most known for their pudgy snouts, their unsettling height and weight (up to 60kgs), and their status as the world’s largest rodent.

They are most notably found in South America, however there have been reports that a small, invasive population has sprung up in Florida…probably because of all those theme parks. Amongst many other fun facts that you can find over at the zoo’s website, Taronga’s capybaras seem quite happy just floating around in their pool and enjoying all the delicious snacks that the park rangers have on offer.

Since the beginning of isolation, zoos around Australia have been giving audiences a sneak peak into the days of their animals. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium has been recording the meanderings of their adorable dugong Pig, and Zoos Victoria even set up a live stream of their teeny tiny snow leopard cubs.

Check out the live-stream below: