A new COVID-19 vaccine from Oxford University has delivered some promising results

It may look like you have just opened a virus on your device, but don’t be alarmed. ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 is the new vaccine that is being developed to help fight coronavirus.

The University of Oxford have trialled it on a group of 1,077 people and the results are in.


In some much-needed good news, a promising new COVID-19 vaccine is in development by The University of Oxford.

Injecting the vaccine makes antibodies and T-cells that can fight coronavirus. In other words, the vaccine works as it triggers an immune response. But don’t go breaking social distancing just yet.

The findings have shown the vaccine is safe, but there are side effects with 70% of people on the trial developing a fever or headache.

Researches have said this can be managed with paracetamol but it is still too early to know if the vaccine will prevent people from becoming ill or even help with reducing COVID-19 symptoms.

Larger trials are underway in the US, Brazil, and South Africa with some calls to perform “challenge trials”. A technique that involves deliberately infecting vaccinated people.

So how far are we from the finishing line?

There’s a possibility of seeing a coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year, however, it won’t be widely available. Priority will go to those working in the health and care sector, as well as people who are deemed at high risk from COVID-19 due to age or medical conditions.

As for everyone else, widespread vaccination is planned for early next year if all goes to plan.